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Startup Delayer is a utility that allows it users to manage startup activities of their computers with ease. Using this application, users can set the priorities and make rules for an application to start at what time and how. Along with this, it has some other features too such as backup and restore, deleted application recovery, etc.


Startup Delayer work the way as its name suggests, once initialized it automatically takes over the control to prioritize the startup applications. It has a friendly user interface that enables users to understand its controls easily. Initially at the start of the application, user need to specify how Startup Delayer should behave, and this generally corresponds to the modes of working of the application which can be either start fast or start smooth. Once any appropriate mode is chosen, the application loads the corresponding profiles to the system. Users can have access to all the application scheduled at start, in categories of current user or common for all. A list of applications will be displayed on choosing any one option. This list shows the complete information of the process such as order/delay, name, status type, label, etc. To set a custom flag to the application, user needs to simply double click on that particular app and specify the options as order: delay or normal, etc.

There is also an option of setting automatic functionality in which app monitors the CPU usage, and whenever idle condition is found, the startup applications are launched. Along with these features, there is also other features such as backup and restore in which the app automatically backups the startup applications, which can be restored at any time.


Startup applications are intended to disable or remove certain startup applications only. Talking about the Startup Delayer, it has an advanced option of delaying the startup applications along with the basic cause of disabling certain startup applications. This unique feature makes these applications very useful a quite different from the applications prevailing in the same community. When compared with other similar applications on a mere basis, Startup Delayer seems to lead other applications as it has an added functionality of automation in managing the startup applications in order to make the system more stable and fast. It also offers to backup an application which makes a mark in the added features as well.


Start-up Delayer is a simple utility application using which start-up performance of a system can be organized easily. In spite of the common objective, this application has many added functions which make it quite unique and useful too. Also, as it user interface is easy to use, allowing both beginners and advanced users to work seamlessly. It can be said that Startup Delayer in spite of being build on the common idea of managing start up application has many other useful features that might attract much of user’s attention.


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