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Start Menu Reviver was intended to put the start menu back in its place in latest versions of Windows Operating System (Windows8/8.1). Not an official fix-patch; but an unofficial attempt to make Windows 8 user-friendly.


Start Menu Reviver adds a start menu to Windows 8, almost like the one the previous version of Windows had. On the other hand, it’s not actually totally a duplicate from Windows 7. The developers of Start Menu Reviver wanted to build a start menu that is both functional and unique; so they have come up with this Start Menu Reviver. The bar offers very unique of accessing the files and folders located in the computer; to drag and drop them in places you would want to. Also, pinning of shortcuts into the first Start screen is possible just the way it was done in Windows 7.

Searching for apps is done using the search entry. This search index lists both the normal software installed and the Windows 8 metro apps. Since the Windows 8 offers two different architectures of apps; Start Menu Reviver had to offer this functionality.

New tiles could be made and arranged in this Start Menu. The pinned contents are sorted out alphabetically. Dragging them to other places moves them away to another location. Color, name, and size of the thumbnail – everything could be picked from the software interface. There are access provisions for Control Panel features and the Command Prompt as well. Like the Start Menu available in Windows 7; there are power buttons in this one to shut down, restart or put your computer to hibernation.


After the launch of Windows 8, plenty of software was released to add a Start Menu to the Windows interface. Since no official development was made to support the old Start; all these software became pretty popular. Thus, Start Menu Reviver has plenty of rivals to compete. They are Classic Start, Black Start, Classic Shell, Start Finity, and Start Menu etc. However, the Start Menu Reviver does this job exceptionally well, leaving no messy registry settings, unlike others.


If you simply need to add a Start menu to your Windows 8, Start Menu Reviver is actually a pretty good software.


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