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SSDLife Free is intuitive software which performs and checks the health of the SSD drive of the system. It provides information regarding its usage, analyze performance, number of times it was turned on and the age of the drives as well. In a general sense it looks after the overall health and the utility endurance of the SSD drive.


The SSDLife Free is an easy to use system and has a simple interface to perform functions. The information regarding SSD is immediately shown on the simple work frame window once it is initialized. The main idea of the software is to run a complete health check and note the diagnoses. All the information is provided on the go which includes elements such as free space available, total work on the drive, available lifetime, the number of times used and the status of trimmed drive. It also shows the status of read and write status on the drive from last week. Additionally, the information can be easily updated with a single click. The file can be further saved for scrutiny in LOG format as well as capture screenshot of the working frame and save as JPEG or PNG images.

The software can be incorporated to start along with the windows start up and will start initializing on its own and will automatically get started. It will shift to a different language altogether called GUI and change its mode of viewing to S.M.A.R.T for better attributes display. It is an advanced system for better endurance and diagnosis. SSDLife Free serves the main purpose of detecting and diagnosing problems if any, on timely basis and provides appropriate feedback for the same. The health bar on the interface signifies the overall working of the drive and how long it can work and what can be done to extend its longevity.


AS SSD Benchmark and SSD Fresh are the two alternatives which work on the similar line as of SSD Life Free. However, when compared to SSDLife Free, the two software’s limit themselves in many functions such limited scope for performance as compared to SSDLife Free and also the user interface seems to be on the complicated scale and may not be handy for all types of user. SSDLife free is very convenient to use and can be used all types of level from beginner to advanced.


In general the life of SSD drive is generally short, if replaced with hard drive and the SSDLife Free software ensures accurate information in order to keep the health of the drive strong. With its available information, it gives the proper details about its overall life and its continuity.


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