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The web is a ubiquitous tool to disseminate information and provide clients a device- independent way of accessing data. Microsoft Excel is the bread and butter of spreadsheet manipulation in industry and information contained in them are useful to a broad range of customers. SpreadsheetConverter is a tool to let users publish Excel contents to the web.


SpreadsheetConverter installs as an add-in to Microsoft Excel and can be accessed from the ribbon menu option where the ribbon features have all the available options. The tool primarily converts Excel contents to web content. This conversion is done in real-time i.e. as changes are made to Excel document, the same is immediately reflected in the web version. Excel has features to add control elements such as buttons and textboxes, which get similarly duplicated in the web version with all the background logic such as click and type events. This update is done over the Internet and users don’t have to face the hassle of setting up database servers and web containers, as SpreadsheetConverter does all the form processing at the backend and provides the web information to the page directly. The software also supports all other Excel features such as macros, report generation and charts. SpreadsheetConverter is available in various versions such as HTML pages, Flash containers, optimized for smartphones and also for ASP.NET stacks. The software only requires an Excel installation at backend and the front-end requires a browser to function (no Office installation is required for front-end).


The most obvious comparison to such an offering is Office online – which is a completely web based version of Office from Microsoft. While it does provide a huge 1 TB of free storage on cloud, the features are limited at best. There are no macros and interactive content support such as user controls or interactive charts. SpreadsheetConverter in this regard provides much more including full Excel capabilities. The other alternative is to go for traditional web server and database stack such as LAMP or ASP.NET with SQL Server. While such setups theoretically can handle and provide a similar experience, the setup itself is very complicated and maintaining performance is tough under heavy load. SpreadsheetConverter on the other hand just requires an Excel installation at backend and all the front-end HTML conversion is done by the software.


The software SpreadsheetConverter is a unique offering and is equaled by none. Similar setups of replicating server side software to various clients are either too cumbersome (a web stack with database) or very limited in nature (Office online). The software is installed as an Excel add-in and the rest of the procedure is dead simple of a few clicks. Flash and ASP.NET versions are also available along with standard HTML and smartphone optimized HTML. The ease of use and no hassle management makes it a great choice and can replace a full server deployment for only Excel use cases.


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