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Although, primarily made for work, the computing machines today, aren’t only used for work! Gaming industry has changed the primary goal of having a machine with amazing specs. Not only does gaming refresh you, it also encourages interaction, thereby making you less drowsy as well. SoupToys is one such software, which has taken the task of vanishing boredom.


SoupToys is a free to use, fun and imaginative gaming software, powered with decent effects. Unlike other games, SoupToys doesn’t provide you with a pre-defined story line, but offers a much more interactive interface. In this game, you are provided with a toolbox containing numerous real life toys and stuff, such as balls, building blocks, stuffed animals, skates, etc. To emphasise on the non-violent perspective of this game, you are not provided with things such as cannons, etc.

The toys provided in the box aren’t static, but dynamic in nature, i.e. each of them has a behaviour programmed in it. The ball, rolling skates, etc, will behave just like they’d behave in the real life, hence, giving the child a more real game. The basketball, if dropped from a height, in the UI, will bounce back, just like it does outside of this user interface. Similar is the case with all the other toys.

SoupToys has a total of about 124 different toys, which assures hours of untiring interactive gameplay. You can build entire systems based on the actions and compilation of these simple toys. For example, you can make the basketball strike a car, while coming down from a slide, and many more constructive game plays. The USP of this application is the amount of experimentation that it allows the user to do, with different toys, and scenarios.


SoupToys is given a run for its money by Anagramarama and WeGame, both of which are windows based applications, on the similar lines, as that of SoupToys. While SoupToys emulate the entire “playing with toys” scenario on Windows, Anagramarama allows the user to build words and sentences, with a mere seven letters! On the other hand, WeGame facilitates the recording of gaming videos.


The best thing about SoupToys is the fact that it makes your desktop, your kid’s playground, and due to the real life dynamicity of the objects, the game is too addictive. Also, not only can your kid pass some really good amount of time playing this, you, too, can use it as a stress reliever.


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