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Sound Valley is a music software available as a freeware to put an end to daily stress. Sound Valley is really an innovative application by Gromworks that will help the users to relax while they are working on their PC.


The sound of nature- waves gushing upon the shore, birds chirping in unison, rain dripping etc. has a positive effect on a man’s mind. The profound music of the various elements of nature can soothe the tiring mind and rejuvenate the senses. Sound Valley is just meant for that. This sound application has many built-in sounds that can take the users amidst Mother Nature. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use. There are more than 200 samples of these beautiful sound clips to choose from. A preloaded audio scene composer is included so that the users can compose their own sound. They have the option to create their playlist and arrange them in any sequence. The scene duration is configurable. The users can use the noise suppression to reduce loud noise without stressing it on their ears. Also, there is rest reminder which will remind you to take rest after regular intervals.

The users can set the sleep timer to shut down when they are planning to sleep, and this lets the app to shutdown automatically after certain time (which can be set by the user). And if the users are up in-front of the monitor for long, the “Rest” feature will remind them that it is high time and their eyes need rest. It is available for both 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems. The installation part is very easy. There is no such trick or catch while the users are installing, as it is a freeware. It will run smooth on XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8. With no bugs or crashing issues, the updates are released at regular intervals to add new features and new sounds.


Sound Valley has several other alternatives when it comes to a real time music and audio software. But there are none which can reproduce the sound of nature like Sound Valley. The comparable applications are DvDrum, Macaw, RadioSure Portable to name a few. Most of the apps do not support Windows 8 and the others are compatible with Windows Vista. Sound Valley has great variety if audio tracks are taken into consideration.


Although the genre is very limited, Sound Valley is an effective application to keep your stress in control. It helps to reduce anxiety and the originality of the tracks is worth a mention. There are very not many apps, which can actually help the user when compared to more user inituitive Sound Valley.


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