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Sony DVD Architect Studio is an application that can enable you to create Blu-ray Disc projects and professional looking DVDs. You can also use this software to create multimedia photo albums, your own home movies and music compilations. The software comes with a user-friendly interface to enable the users get access to all its features. You can import video, audio and stills from a range of formats. Some of the supported formats include; bmp, avi, mov, mp4, targa, tga, tiff, png, jpeg, gif, wma, w64, aa3, aif, vox and sfa among others.


DVD Architect Studio allows users to create their own menus for movies. This makes it easy for the viewers to jump to their favorite scenes. You can place graphics, buttons and text anywhere on the screen. The software can also allow you to make captions and titles with effects such as shadows and blur. There are 56 beautifully designed DVD backgrounds that you can choose from. You can also create your own custom themes by importing images and graphics. Building your Blu-ray or DVD is simple because you only need to drag your video clips or photos into the project window. Use the drag and drop motion to place text, buttons, backgrounds and more to create your disk. You can include a variety of media formats such as high-definition and standard video. The application can also allow you to add bloopers, director’s cuts, behind the scene features, outtakes and more. Using the virtual remote control, you can stimulate how your project will function in a DVD player and look on a television screen.


DVD Architect Studio competes with other products such as ImgBurn, CDBurnerXP and LiquidCD among others. Liquid CD is a free application that is efficient in burning simple CDs and DVDs. One of the limitations that make this application inferior to DVD Architect Studio is that it can only burn simple DVDs and CDs.


DVD Architect Studio is an application that enables users to create professionally looking DVDs. You can choose your own backgrounds, control the DVD experience and create your own menus. The software comes with free tutorials for beginners and experienced users.


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