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This century marked the improvement of various integrated devices like smartphones, tablets and PC, which can provide a bounty of information for daily life. However, only in recent times, the management of preloaded applications can be accessed and troubleshooting is made easy with the application called Soluto, which integrates the access of such digital devices using one simple service.


Soluto proved to be highly productive while managing applications between Windows phones and PC operating on Windows. The advanced version of Soluto alongside with its upgrades has been resourceful enough for minimizing the ease of monitoring the PC performance. Here are some features of Soluto, which are enumerated as follows:

  • Soluto helps in reducing the data consumption and exchange between the server and the standalone browsers, by specifying the removal of useless plug-ins which boosts the performance and stability of the browsers. Soluto categorizes the plug-ins and add-ons as safe to disable, possible to disable and permanent disable, considering which the user can manage their browser.
  • Soluto is essential for remote maintenance of the temperature of PC. This is best achieved over Windows phones, which remotely access the computer’s battery and hard drive and troubleshooting them to improve the longevity of the PC.
  • Soluto also provides remote assistance during the malicious attack of unwanted programs in the browser which damages the URL of the homepage. It allows the user to reprogram the broken URL by removing the broken URL and adding another custom URL over the former one.
  • Soluto comes productive during the startup of Windows 8, which facilitates in producing the classic desktop view instead of the ‘Start Screen’ which pops up during the startup. Windows phone having Soluto allows remote access of PC to offer a better view.

Another feature offered by Soluto is Chop Boot which enables the remote access of switching off the unwanted apps in your PC, thereby enhancing the PC performance.


While there have been many remote drive applications developed like Xecutor and Remo MORE, designed to manage the efficiency of PC, none comes in comparisons which offers the best viable services like Soluto. Unlike these application, Soluto offers the remote troubleshooting management and web portal through different platform but under same OS, which is beneficial for management of PC from anywhere across the globe. While the interface might appear cumbersome to some users, yet it provides an efficient control over the PC.


Soluto provides the best troubleshooting and an integrated provocative communication therefore heightening the collaborative management of data and apps over the tablets and PC through online service.


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