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Protecting any personal information and also the data stored onto a PC often means somewhat more than installing any antivirus system to take care of the whole thing. If there is any WiFi connection along with a router that allows Internet access to a number of PCs as well as notebooks, then the use of a network monitoring structure is in fact, a good initiative. Of all the apps, which are intended to take care of the wireless accessibility on a Local Area Network, SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is such a system that can offer ease of use in addition to the intelligent surveillance abilities.


By means of a nice and an easy interface, SoftPerfect WiFi Guard, can be utilized with no hard efforts. It is even a simple program to those who have no experience in this task. Thus the software works in a completely uncomplicated approach. At certain time intervals, it would check the network to locate any unofficial devices, which may attempt to link. If such an interruption is identified, it will give a warning so that a further action can be taken. There is however, a bit of information, which is obtainable from the major window of the application of SoftPerfect. The IP addresses as well as MAC address of the connected tools, the round-trip time value in milliseconds and many more can be viewed.

Through this program, even the manufacturer of the distantly connected peer and also its name, in addition to related data or description, all can be viewed if such particulars are made accessible.
There is an option of Settings, from which it is possible to make up the number of devices, which are scanned at the same time. The time interval for the network analysis can also be set from the same panel. When there is more than a single network adapter, the particular one that is selected will be monitored. Evidently it is no substitute for an apt wireless network protection, such as using the utmost amount of encryption supported with all network devices. But, SoftPerfect Wifi Guard offers a simple additional layer of security. It is moreover lightweight and completely free.


Few alternatives of SoftPerfect Wifi Guard are Wireless Network Watcher (it is a small utility, which inspects the wireless network and exhibits the list of all PCs and devices, which are connected to a network) and Advanced IP Scanner (it is a free, quick and a potent network scanner with a comprehensible interface).


SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a necessary tool for all who runs a small Wi-Fi system of network and attempting to keep it secure. Usually, recent WiFi networks are finely protected, although there are a lot of weaknesses, which can affect the WiFi password. It comprises vulnerabilities in case of encryption and also some attacks. Consequently, someone can achieve unauthorized access to others’ Internet connection and exploit them while it is unnoticed. So, there is the need of the help of SoftPerfect WiFi Guard, which is a specific network scanner, which works at set intervals and informs instantly if it has detected any new devices.


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