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SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a useful tool for creating virtual hard disks which are stored in the Random Access Memory (RAM) of the computer temporarily instead of the hard disk of the computer and can be mounted and dismounted like any other drive.


SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a high utility application which allows creating virtual hard drives in the Random Access Memory (RAM) of a computer for a temporary time period. This allows faster access to the files as compared to the physical hard drive.

These virtual drives can be mounted just like any other drive and can be accessed from the Windows Explorer. The drives can be dismounted and the data on the drive is deleted. The virtual drives are useful for writing non critical data which can be written and accessed in a quick and fast manner. The application does however allow creating persistent virtual disks on RAM which create an image of the virtual drive on the actual physical hard disk and therefore the data can be saved permanently from the RAM disks to the image of the virtual disks stored on the hard drive. Similarly, any changes made to the data on the RAM drives is replicated in the virtual drive image saved on the hard disk.

The application allows creating multiple RAM disks which can be in different formats such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS and RAW. Users can also assign drive letters to these drives. The application does not set any limit on the size of the drives and it depends upon the size of RAM on the computer. Also, dismounted drives can be mounted again once the system is rebooted. SoftPerfect RAM Disk is an efficient alternative for writing and storing data in a faster manner as compared to other methods, which write on the hard drives. The application has a simple interface and can be easily operated by any users without requiring any specific skills. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


RAMDisk is an application similar to SoftPerfect RAM Disk. The application converts a part of the RAM memory in a virtual drive and allows users to store their temporary data on the virtual drives. This helps increase the speed of writing and reading from the drives and system performance also improves. The program allows creating multiple drives and supports various disk formats.


SoftPerfect RAM Disk is an efficient application for creating virtual drives using the RAM of a computer system. The program allows users to create multiple virtual drives on the RAM and supports various drive formats. The data on the drive is deleted once the drive is dismounted. Hence it is useful for storing data such as website temporary files and cache since these will be deleted from the system memory when the drive is dismounted. However, users can also create a persistent drive image, which will copy the files from the RAM drives and also the changes made to the data on the drives.


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