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Snap2HTML is a high utility and yet a very simple application that allows conversion of a specific folder and sub folder structure into a an HTML file that can be accessed via a browser in a quick and easy manner and can be used to access the files in the folders and sub folders in a very quick and easy manner.


Snap2HTML is a highly efficient and effective application that allows users to effortlessly and easily create HTML files from various folders and sub folders on their computer. The application takes a snapshot of the folders, sub folders and files saved on the computer of the users and create an HTML template for these folders.

Users can then simply open the HTML files on the web browsers of their computers and access the specific files in these folders and their sub folders in a quick and effortless manner. The program helps publish an appropriately formatted page that looks very similar to an application and web page and allows very easy access to the underlying folders.

The output layout is properly organised and helps with easy access to the required information. Users can also specify if they want to add a hidden file or folder and if it can be made accessible through the HTML file.

While creating an HTML file, users with knowledge of HTML can make easy additions to the output file and can specify attributes such as the file names, properties, target folder and other customisation options. The files can be sorted and classified on the basis of their columns or even keywords. The page design can also be edited and customised.

The program does not require any installation and is portable in nature. It can be carried around in an external device such as a USB drive or any other external device and can be copied to a computer. Once the purpose is over, it can be deleted from the computer without leaving any trace of the application on Windows registry. The application is also very light-weight and does not require much of system resources. It supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Arclab Dir2HTML is an application similar to Snap2HTML. The application converts local computer directory into an HTML file. The HTML file displays the folder structures and other attributes. The application can be used for creating HTML output of an entire drive. The program supports all the character sets and generates the output in HTML5 format.


Snap2HTML is a highly efficient application that helps with creating HTML output of the Windows directory. The program is quite useful as it effortlessly creates an HTML file for easily accessing the filed in the folders on the computer. Users can also customise the HTML output and specify what features can be added to it.


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