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SnackAMP is a music player that is compatible with multiple platforms and has various music player abilities, integrated web server, multi-user support and auto playlist feature that is far better than most music players available in the internet today. The program supports file formats like .wav, .mp3 and ogg vorbis. It is also compatible with various audio file formats which are being revised frequently. SnackAMP can be downloaded using a fair simple installation program with minimal steps and procedures. It is an open-source program and hence users are free to copy, use or edit it at their will. There is a community forum for the program where programmers can share and exchange their ideas.


Unlike normal media players, SnackAMP does not use metadata to organize its tracks. The program uses a minimalistic folder tree that looks up the user’s directory structure that helps in better file management. However, the program does identify metadata and allows users to modify them and search for files using tags or move them from one destination to another easily. SnackAMP also offers the provision for creating Auto playlists crated from personal favorites of the users. Users can also further create folders from within the auto playlist and shuffle them or sort them to be played in any order. This ensures that the same track is not repeated again and again even on a random basis.


Most open source media players come with a sleuth of malware or banner ads that destroy the entertainment quotient. Further, the process of registration, downloading and registration is also messy and time consuming. SnackAMP does away with all these difficulties and ensures that the users have a pleasant experience while hearing their favorite music tracks. It takes minimal space in the hard drive but provides maximum boost to your music entertainment. SnackAMP also comes with several visualizations and additional features that are neatly affixed in the interface. Further users can also select from various skins to customize the player to suit their personal tastes and color choices.


SnackAMP is your one stop destination for managing and playing mp3, Ogg or Vorbis or Wav files. The file is also being customized to be compatible with various other file formats. The program offers a simple solution for playing audio from url, podcasted files or from any web browser. It is a completely integrated media manager that has in place all tag editors and indexation processes for your audio tracks. Users can easily monitor their audio tracks and playlists with the simple auto playlist feature. The program also offers to set right errors in tags and correcting directly from the playlist.


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