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SMPlayer is a powerful media player that is absolutely free to use. This software comes with a set of video codecs built in. This allows it to play a wide range of different audio and video formats as soon as you download it. SMPlayer is actually just a pretty interface built on the renowned MPlayer video player. It gets all of its codec and video capabilities from the original software that it is built on.


The most notable feature of the program is the wide range of different video formats that it plays. It handles most of the standard quality video formats, and it can even handle playing high definition videos as well. The software also comes with a tool to search for YouTube videos and it allows you to play the videos that you find inside the built-in player. If you need subtitles for one of the movies you are watching, the software allows you to look up subtitles from and include them with the video that you watch.
If you aren’t too crazy about the way the user interface looks, there are several different skins that you can put on the program. You can change the software’s appearance to suit your personal tastes. The program also comes with a variety of filters that you can apply to your videos to change their appearance. You can also change the playback speed of the movies and add a delay to the subtitles to make sure it is synced up properly. This free software is used by a wide range of people, because it works on both Windows and Linux, and it is offered in more than 30 different languages.


The major competitor out there for SMPlayer is VLC player and each software solution has something to offer. SMPlayer offers smoother subtitle integration, a more controlled zooming feature, and a higher level of performance with high definition videos. VLC offers a slightly higher level of clarity, and the package looks a little more professional.


SMPlayer is a very smooth and lightweight package for playing videos on your Windows or Linux machines. It handles high definition movies better than most competitors out there, and it is completely free to use. If you are sick of downloading new codecs all the time for different video formats, SMPlayer is a more convenient option that works really well. If you want a feature-rich package this software has everything that you would expect from a video playback program and more.


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