Smith Micro StuffIt (formerly StuffIt Deluxe 2010)

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Many organizations are often bombarded with a lot of electronic data in their day to day operations. Some of the data might be recent while others may be historical but still relevant to the organization or individual. This results in creation of data bases and data banks all in an effort to ensure that the data is kept safe and secure. The data are stored into archives which is basically collection of computer files that are packed together. They might be packed so as to; back them up, facilitate easy portability, or generate more storage space on the hard disk. There are a number of data archiving software available to enable this. However, it is not just enough to archive data. One has to ensure that the archived data is properly managed. The Smith Micro StuffIt is reliable archive manger software that goes beyond the normal file archiving functionality, by incorporating additional features.


The app is designed in a way that makes it easy to access and send data from an archive quickly and securely with the best possible protection. It has the error correction functionality which ensures that data can be repaired and recovered in case the data is lost or damaged as a result of a faulty media or transfer error. The Droplets makes it possible to create customized archive targets, which enable a person to create an archive and send them automatically by email, or burn them onto an optical disc. The ability to customize the compression levels and methods makes the tool to be ideal. It is also possible to create a profile of the customized compressed settings. Similarly it has a SmartSend feature, which makes it possible for a person to upload an archive onto a server and create a download link to their email. This is quite effective when sending large files.


The software allows a person to not only create different types of archives but also view their content just like many other archive managing software. The application has got the ability to support multiple archive types ranging from common types to unique and rare one. However unlike other software, it makes it possible to set a security program to check extracted files for viruses.


This is one tool that ensures effective archive extraction, verification, recovery, search and filtering. This helps a person to manage their data archives in a professional manner.


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