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SmartSerialMail, which is a Windows app, allows the user to create newsletters and then deliver it to several recipients. This application can allow almost 400 customized emails simultaneously and address every customer individually with their name.


The Freeware Edition of the SmartSerialMail software is suitable for all users who are operating a business and have to sponsor their products, unique offers, or recent news by launching newsletters. Even though it is packed up with a lot of customization options, the design is uncomplicated. In addition to this, it presents support for a gradual approach and the user is guided all through the entire procedure. SmartSerialMail application presents the option to make a profile of the sender by giving details in relation to the address, showing name, and responding address, and stating the SMTP, in addition to clone, erase, or rename the present profile.
Besides this, the user is allowed to form a list of the recipients, bring in records from the CSV file or XLS file format, send the file with contacts to the format like CSV or XLS document, manually include the details of the recipients, eliminate duplicate items, unacceptable and empty email addresses, and copy the chosen file to the clipboard. One of the most excellent characteristics included in this app, is the content editor that is very richly featured. It assists to modify all of the newsletters in a range of ways. The user can put in tables, add rows along with columns, divide or merge cells, adjust the text arrangement, insert lines, display borders, see the source code within HTML or simple text file system, and upload images. Moreover, the content editor even permits to perform fundamental editing tasks, find and change texts, import information from DOC or HTML documents, and export the data to HTML.

The program even allows the user to preview the message and see the summary for example, the body or the title and also the attachments. An individual can also insert the data regarding the placeholders and also verify the error-reporting part for details concerning the sending process.


One of the alternatives of SmartSerialMail is AB Bulk Mailer that can allow sending any number of emails with the help of SMTP servers. The interface is, however, not so much striking, as it does not embrace prominent visual elements. Eaglemailer is another one that sends boundless messages to the mailing list with no extra charge. Thunder mailer is also of the same kind in which there is ease of use. The user can set up any type of email campaign through following some simple steps.


SmartSerialMail has really proven to be a dependable application, which is packed with a helpful set of tools. Besides, the free edition there is also Enterprise Edition that permits to automatically transport e-mails to a huge number of persons. E-mails may be sent by means of MAPI or also SMTP and also up to maximum 64 threads can be used that enables to have an optimal handling of the Internet connection.


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