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There are some FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients which allow the user to transfer files from the local computer to the server of their website or the database server. Apart from that, those programs don’t provide any additional functionality. But SmartFTP is a file transfer protocol client that does more than just transferring files to the server.


SmartFTP allows the users to transfer the files from a local computer to any accessible server on the internet. This program serves as a file transfer client for FTPS, SFTP, One Drive, Google Drive, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and SSH. This program can also be operated using the Windows terminal or command prompt. This application supports the drag and drop file feature and is multilingual that supports over 20 languages. SmartFTP has an integrated editor by using which the files on the server such as text files and files that include codes such as HTML, JavaScript, etc. can be edited remotely and saved. The editor has some exclusive features such as auto complete, syntax highlighting and folding, Unicode / UTF 8 support, multi-view/tabbed view option, zoom, URL detection, bookmarks, searching and replacing the files, encoding and newline conversion. Moreover, this program is HIPAA, FIPS compliant and provides a secure connection.

This application has a modern graphical user interface with retina support and the user can customize the interface by using the preferred theme. It has preview and thumbnail panes on which the images from the local device and remote servers can be previewed. The most exciting feature is that the user can visually compare the remote folder and the local folder to check the differences between their content. It also supports IPv6 for faster connectivity and the tasks can be scheduled to for a particular period of time. These tasks can be customized to recur daily, weekly, monthly or on a specified time.

This program comes with a local file browser using which the files and folders on the local computer can be browsed, filtered according to their date, size and file format. The files and folders can be bulk renamed. MODE Z compression method is used to compress the files on the fly which reduces the file size, saves the bandwidth, improves the transfer time. The broken transfers can be easily fixed by auto reconnect and resume feature. The files can be added to the transfer queue for download or upload.

Moreover, this application supports integration with Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive storage service, KeePass and LastPass password managers. Multiple connections and unlimited simultaneous threads can be handled at one time. Additionally, it also allows scripting, FTP command line usage.


Some alternatives of SmartFTP are FileZilla, Core FTP and Cyberduck. FileZilla and Core FTP do the similar work. They can be used only to transfer files from local computer to a website’s server. They have very less features than SmartFTP and whereas, Cyberduck has similar features but does not support OneDrive.


This program saves the time of site administrators from logging into the control panel of servers and uploading the files one by one. This can be used efficiently for website publishing, maintenance, application creation with COM interfaces and modern language.


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