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We all know how annoying it is when we need to shut down all our other programs to install a particular program.  We lose all the progress on our open applications and we have to start from scratch. Which is why BM productions came up with a brilliant app called “SmartClose” for windows. You can run it on any version of windows and it’s absolutely free!


SmartClose is a freeware application which allows you to close all your programs while an installation and restore them at the exact state they were in before you shut them down, once the installation is completed. It does this by letting you take a ‘snapshot’ of the current state of your system. After which it shuts down all your other applications safely, in case the application ‘misbehaves’  SmartClose comes with an option of Smartkill which force shuts down the application. You can later use SmartClose to restore their progress on the computer with the help of the ‘snapshot’ taken earlier. If you don’t want SmartClose to close a particular program you can add it to the list of ‘Protected Programs’

The windows application is fairly easy to use, thanks to the adequate instructions and the tool tips displayed on the screen while using the app.  The windows desktop app takes up less than 1mb space making it easier to operate on any system, even on windows 98. Furthermore, SmartClose could be used to close any application or program running on your screen, including disabling your screensaver.


‘CacheMyWork’ is another application which will help you reboot your system without losing any progress. It marks all the apps that have been open before rebooting the computer and opens all of them once the computer has finished restarting. It’s a lot like SmartClose but it can’t save multiple instances of an application. ‘CloseAll’ also helps you close all your running applications, but it doesn’t help you restore them at a later time.


The SmartClose does have some limitations.While shutting down the Internet Explorer browser with multiple tabs, it can only take a snapshot of the currently open tab and not of all of them. It also only re-opens the program and not the documents last saved by them, but compared to its other functions these are minor inconveniences.


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