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Every day new versions are released with some additional new features which are very attractive in turn. So, everyone wants such features on their computers. In such cases, you can look forward to use Smart Driver Updater. This is literally a smart tool which recognizes the details that need to be updated, and thus updates them accordingly.


Smart Driver Updater is one among the very easy to use software which can be used by anyone with no expertise. The developers have made access very easy for the users while keeping in mind the variety of users who use Windows and both the software as well. The software scans the whole system first, and then produces a list of drivers which needs to be updated. The list helps the user to check out the drivers from which they can make a final selection before updating.

Over 2, 00,000 drivers in the database of this software can help to update almost any existing driver. The system also gives the user an option to automatically update the drivers without displaying a list at all. Downloading these drivers and installing these drivers helps to increase the speed of the computers. There are some built-in timers and scheduler which updates the system based on some time periods automatically, and thus the user need not to bother about updating. There is also a facility to back-up the data of these drivers if something goes wrong so that there is always something to fall back upon.


This software has some very unique features, which its competition comprising of Driver Easy, Driver Max, Driver Scanner & Driver Checker, etc. lacks. The said features include backing up existing driver details and restoring those later.

Smart Driver Updater has almost all the updates of every driver which is needed for the system to work efficiently. The installation of this software is very easy and it is very simple to use as well. All of these features hardly exist in other tools, including the above mentioned ones. Also, it is very easy, safe and proves to be a faster way to update the drivers of your machine. The software however faces serious competition from Slim Driver, 3DP Chip, and Driver Performer.


There is hardly any software which can replace Smart Driver Updater. Constant updates are being made into the software and those are surely going to take it a long way ahead.


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