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New computers bought from stores with pre-installed Operating Systems often contain lots of software that are already installed in order to make the first time experience smooth. But often these software are redundant and duplicate already available OS facilities and hence take up precious disk space and slow the system as well as boot time. SlimComputer helps to uninstall such “bloatware” from the computer and keep it lean and running.


SlimComputer features a modern and sleek looking interface, which resembles more of a dashboard and presents the user with the options to run scans and vertical left sided tabs for various options. The software is capable of removing any unwanted toolbars from browsers, applications, startup items and shortcuts. Additionally, there is provision to restore to a previous OS state if something goes wrong and thus the chances of failure are minimal. The Optimizer is responsible for tweaking system settings and windows startup services to boost boot times. There is also a collection, which lets one to access all the Windows built-in utilities available.

SlimComputer can also be installed on a Flash drive making the software portable. The software makes suggestions for unwanted pre-installed application via an authoritative cloud based rating system, which ensures that the ratings stay relevant. When the optimization takes place, SlimComputer relays the data about installed software form your computer to SlimWare Cloud where the particular optimization strategy is decided upon. The software is a freeware and is community driven i.e. it receives community feedbacks regarding functionality and design and changes are made accordingly. It is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is also portable as mentioned.


CCleaner from Priiform is another such software, which can uninstall software easily but it does not rely on rating systems or performs optimizations. Revo Uninstaller is another software facilitating the removal of trialware but is free for only 32-bit Windows. Glary Utilities is a similar software that specializes in bloatware removal and PC optimization and is a freemium product. AVG PC TuneUp is a commercial solution providing such tools with PC optimization and security tips as well.


SlimComputer is a very useful utility software that lets one remove any unwanted trial software and adware that OEMs often pre-install with the OS. These software usually slow down the system and are redundant and with cloud-based rating system. It ensures that the user gets the right software removed. The system restores facility helping in case anything goes wrong and acts as the failsafe. There are other utilities available as well such as optimizer to shut off unwanted system services in order to speed the boot up process and also Windows Utility to access all built-in IT tools.


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