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Sleipnir Browser is a very modish, fast and also a free Browser, used as an alternative for Windows in-built browser. It is based mainly on the HTML5 and the search engine Internet Explorer 9, and this browser is able to load any kind of webpage for the users. The main characteristic of this latest web browser is it is Social, which links between various devices and also offers instant sharing of bookmarks beside many other features.


The design of the main User Interface is parallel to Mozilla Firefox. It really appears like a newer model of Mozilla. One of the important aspects of this particular browser is that this is touch-friendly and thus allows touch motions. For instance, if the user press the right button of the button and drag the page to the left hand side, they would be taken to the subsequent tab, and also vice versa.

To get all these features, the users can visit Fenrir Pass Connect and then make a new account after the installation of the browser. The account can be connected to the Sleipnir program. With all these social characteristics, the bookmarks can be synced with no trouble and then shared to the social networks. The user can mark these as Read Later and save into the DropBox Folder. There is also an option of Send to Phone through which the link can be delivered to the phone of the user. Moreover if the image or the link is right clicked, then that image can be directly shared with the social network. The plug-in that can be fitted externally is also supported by Sleipnir. The features of customization are also available. The users can customize all parts of the browser basing on the requirements. In the particular customization menu, total three categories are accessible: General category, Appearance and the last one is Functions. Among these 3 categories an individual can control all features of the browser easily.

Right from the start page to all the options of security, the user would be able to customize everything in the browser. In addition, there are some rendering choices obtainable where the user can make their browser state which is to be utilized for rendering, at the time of loading any website.


Some of similar software as Sleipnir is Google Chrome (a free browser created from an open source. Chrome presents speedy set up and web page loading), Opera (a browser with modern features, rate and safety), Chromium (a browser scheme from where takes its source code), Safari (a web browser built up by Apple Inc. and packed with Mac OS X) and Opera Mini (allows the user to take the complete web experience to the phone).


Sleipnir is intended to be an extremely customizable browser, which the user can arrange to fit their individual requirements. By means of Sleipnir, the user can generate a perfect browser by modifying the pattern and visual look. One can insert custom functionality with a wide variety of plug-ins.


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