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SIW is a computer program that helps you to understand your computer better than you do now. Most people have no idea what software they have, what their hardware is and they pretty much know nothing about the network. In fact, most of us computer users don’t know the difference or purpose of those three things. Now you can know.


SIW gives you all different kinds of computer information. It can tell you how much memory you have, what programs are running, what the serial number is, how many users have access, how much network traffic there is and so much more. Those three categories that a regular person barely knows the difference between are the three menus it uses.


While this Explorer format program is easy to use and very helpful for the technologically challenged, SIW does have competitors. PC WIZARD seems to be the most well-known program that rivals this new one. It is older so they have had time to make improvements and work out the kinks already, however, the format of SIW is very well liked.


SIW is a great program to try if you know little to nothing about your computer and want to find out what’s going on in there. With all of the fuss being made about it, it seems to be very well liked. The easy to use menu means that you don’t need to know computers to get to know yours.


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