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System Information Viewer is a complete tool that can be taken into account for detecting the system composition in a complete way whether it is about the CPU, storage, external devices and other parts. This application is quite spec rich.


The user can drag the application file to a norm panel over the storage drive and straight introduces the exe file, and at the same time save the complete data over a external drive or other similar sources for playing it over any issue to test the properties.

It is here to mention that the application does not tweak Windows registry arrangement or make additional files over the drive that keeps no option still after its extraction. The application involves the sleekest interface along the basic panel that displays detail of various parts, and a system panel option that can be presented as a initiation point and where it can be squeezed. Hence, the user can have frequent admission over specific section and setting.

System Information Viewer presents the recent system consumption, storage section, cache, processor and graphics detail in addition with others in a specialised pattern. The user can have deeper dig at the entire installed sections as well. Details like IPs, connectivity options, sensor, and security arrangements can be well studies through the useful application. You can take the complete information copied in txt form. However, the complete section can be extracted and presented in the form of bitmap image. There remains the option of putting hands on with the physical parameter manipulation section, altering the look and pattern, shortcuts, and other system details.

The application is quite least resource consuming as well. It takes only 5.1 MB of your system, hence ensuring a smooth performance. It has been properly tested in terms of virus, bugs, or malware. There is absolutely no issue like these with the application. It neither involves issues like hangs or similar things.


Speecy is a fine option having the similar functionalities as of System Information Viewer. This made for Windows tool is available as installer edition in various language. It makes faster scan of device and offers result in a quick while. SIW by Topala Software Solutions is another similar tool for Windows that collects information of system characteristics, customizing options and shows the output in a best way.


On a whole, System Information Viewer is one of the complete tool in its category to manipulate your system in the best possible way. It brings you the complete picture of system in a nice arranged manner. It works well with all Windows editions.


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