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Simply Calenders is a useful tool that helps create calendars in over 100 languages and 60 styles. The calendars can be created with various planners and can incorporate events of several religions and calendar variants. Users can select the images for the calendar and can develop different layouts.


Simply Calenders is an efficient software program to design calendars in an easy and simple manner. The application supports more creation of calendars in more than 100 languages and allows customisation of calendars in more than 60 different styles.

The application can be used to incorporate various planners in the calendar. These include planners for years, months, weeks, drop down calendars, appointments, academic, financial and birthdays. Users can therefore design multilingual calendars and add several events to it.

Users can add their own photographs and other pictures to the calendars. The images can be added directly from the digital camera or can be scanned which is supported by the application. The software integrates an image editor known as “The Darkroom”.

The program can also be used to add national holidays for a large number of countries thereby allowing creation of calendars that have country specific utility. Similarly, different types of calendars can be created using the application. These include Christian, Western, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish and Islamic calendars. The events for these variants can be added to the calendar. Users can also add phases of Moon and the timings of Sunrise and Sunset for their respective locations. It also supports daylight saving and hour change events for North America, Europe and Australia. The calendar can be exported to different file formats including JPG, PDF, BMP, TIF and HTML. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


Easy Calendar Maker is an application similar to Simply Calenders. Easy Calendar Maker allows users to create calendars in easy and simple steps. Users can select the month, font, text, date, year, and color and background images. The calendars can be generated in multiple languages that include English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Users can easily design and print calendars using this application.


Simply Calenders is an easy to use application for creating various types of calendars. The program supports multiple languages and allows users to create calendars in over 100 languages. Using this software, one can create calendars with over 60 styles. Additionally, the Calendars for various national holidays and religious events can be created using this application. Users can add their own images to the calendar.


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