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If a printed document contains some errors then user has to type that document again, which is a time taking task. If user posses any application that skips this task of retyping the whole document then it will save a lot of time of user. SimpleOCR is that application which contains Optical character recognition technology. As this technology recognize characters and convert them into machine language, which helps user to print document after correcting errors without typing their document again. This application comes in a user friendly interface and some useful features like scanning technology, dictionary and many more.


Some mistakes in a printed document would create trouble of retyping the document. But if user has an application which helps user to print the document without typing it again is advantageous. SimpleOCR is that helpful application using which the user can skip this time taking task of retyping whole document. By using this application user has to scan the printed document after which the application recognize the printed characters and convert them into the machine language. After this conversion, the application again convert the machine language data and into word file so that user can correct errors and reprint the document. Another important feature of this application is that user can specify the area of interest which they want to be scanned by the application. SimpleOCR has great accuracy which is the biggest advantage of having this wonderful application i.e. the recognition capability is so advance that the scanned and extracted copy of the document looks exactly same as the original one. Also, the application has three popular dictionaries, which provide suggestions to the user whenever needed.

SimpleOCR is a powerful application that understands different languages and provides suggestions related to it. The application has a user friendly interface which allows every user whether beginner or professional can use it easily and comfortably. Simple operating mechanism is another valuable feature which makes it a useful application for the users. A customization wizard is also available which gives user full control over application and can make changes according to their need. SimpleOCR is a light weighted application which does not affect system performance and allows user to operate other application at the same time.


Some of the application which has same functionality like that of SimpleOCR is EASY Scan, Free OCR and Readiris Pro 14. But the valuable features, user friendly interface and easiest operating wizards make this application more useful and important from other application of its kind. Also, it is a light weighted application that does not affect user’s system performance so that they can use other application in parallel as well.


SimpleOCR is a simple application with many useful features loaded, which make it a must have application. The application contains popular dictionaries which provide useful suggestion regarding the words in the documents. Also, it has great accuracy by which the extracted copy is as same as the original one. It also contains customization and help wizards which make operations easy and understandable.


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