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As we amass more digital contents from various media, we are typically running out of storage even with all cloud solutions. Hence something as simple as file duplication can prove to be a great nuisance as it can take precious disk space. Simple Duplicate Finder however aims to make things easier by finding duplicated contents and removing them, making the whole process of finding them manually less tedious.


The UI of Simple Duplicate Finder is mature and modern looking. The menus are replaced by icon buttons with tabbed interface providing functionalities. The scanning is done on byte-by-byte basis for 100% match and hence may take lot of time for large number of files, however, the bright side being the fact that it does not depend on file name alone, contents are checked too. The scan criteria for searching duplicate files can be customized based on file content (which is done via hashing), file size, file name or extension and any combination of the above. Filters are a feature that can filter the search results based on the above mentioned criteria and let the user exclude certain locations if required to. The software also lets the user either remove, move, copy or rename the duplicated contents and system files which are protected by “Protected Folder Lists”.

The built-in file preview can play most media files i.e. audio and video along with images. Furthermore duplicate detection based on ID3 tag can be turned off as duplicate audio can have different ID3 tags. Images can be further sorted/filtered based on resolution, aspect ratio and duplicate ones are detected even if they are edited, transformed or rotated. The scan can be paused and resumed at any moment. The results generated can be saved for later analysis. The whole scan and remove/replace/rename process is logged and the location can be changed as well for keeping track of changes. The software required Microsoft .NET framework 4 with at least 512 MB of RAM and on a Windows running machine.


There are various options available for the same task in Windows OS such as AllDup – a software with similar rich facility and almost identical workings. Clone Spy is another freeware that can perform a similar task of eliminating duplicate contents. Duplicate cleaner is another such utility letting one clean up duplicated contents from PC and networked PCs. FindDupe is another open-source alternative on Windows though not as rich in features.


Simple Duplicate Finder is a great offering for people to save unnecessary disk usage. It comes with a very clean and organized UI without hidden menus and does the job perfect. The software has special options for image and audio files along with advance algorithms for detecting the similarity between images. The searching for duplicates can the customized and so can the end results along with saving of results and complete log for later inspection.


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