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Webmasters use Internet connection for hosting their websites and it should be more favorable for all of them to manage their DNS through this connection. But this feature can only be possible with the help of an application. Simple DNS Plus is that useful application for users that help them to manage their domain name and also control the settings of DNS servers. This application is helpful as it allows user to manage domain even if the user don’t have own domain name. It is an important application for all users providing easy DNS managing specifications with easy operating functions.


Hosting websites through Internet connection or through a private network is a regular task followed by all users. And it will be more useful if user can control their DNS setting with the help of this connection. Simple DNS Plus is such a useful application which allows user to control their domain name and manage all the settings which are required for managing and hosting their website. This application converts user’s domain name into IP address, which is normally used to locate computers systems or other devices throughout the world. Another important feature of this application is by which user can manage and assign domain names to their computer system by which user can access their websites without any problem. Also, Simple DNS Plus provides DNS catching facility by which user can easily create domain name or sub domain name in order to control their DNS settings more easily. Also, through this DNS catching user can increase their Internet speed. Most importantly, Simple DNS Plus is a best application by which user can host more than one million domain names. User can configure sub DNS servers and applications itself search for updates for the primary DNS servers and automatically these updates are transferred to the sub servers. On the startup, user will find a main window, Menu bar and several shortcut buttons for various actions. Other part of this application comprises graph of the performance. Simple DNS Plus comes in a friendly interface and easy operating mechanism by which user can use this application with ease. Since this application is for professional users involved in website hosting that’s why beginners and other users might find it tough to operate this application.


Some other alternatives of Simple DNS Plus, which provide same operating mechanism, are WAMP server, XAMPP and Apache HTTP server. But the exiting features of this application like converting domain name into IP address, creating sub domains and a large numbers of supported domains i.e. more than one million make this application an important in comparison to the alternatives.


Simple DNS Plus is a useful application, which provides user the facility of managing and controlling their domain name. Several useful features of this application like simple operating mechanism, user-friendly interface, assign sub domains and automatic updates of the sub domains. DNS catching facility is also an important feature of Simple DNS Plus, which makes it a helpful application for all users.


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