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We use many electronic devices every day and these devices are based upon the memory capacity. Once this capacity is over, the device is of no use as it cannot store data any further. Many a times this happens because of some duplicate data. The data gets stored and we usually forget about it. Then we utilize some more space to do the same operation or download the same thing again and again. Some of the things which occupy most of the space on the devices are images. SimilarImages is a software which helps the user to keep a track of pre-existing images so that the users don’t utilize and waste more space. This tool is ideal to save space on the disk or micro-card as the images utilize variable amounts of memory.


Users can search for two similar images using this software. Now, users were previously not allowed to compare the same image in two different folders which this tool allows to the users. This tool also gives the user the flexibility option of searching in some sub-folders too. Users can specify the limit upto which the search option can or is to be performed too. This option can be used to specify what ratio or a certain limit upto which the software will check for the similarity. Different image formats exist including png, tif, gif, jpg and jpeg.

This unique tool gives the user the power to compare different images using various formats too. There are a number of aspects associated with the images right from the creation time and the size to the last modifying time. The user is able to search for the images based upon these aspects as well. Even the speed which is to be considered while searching the images can be selected by the user. What happens is that while selecting the speed search option, the users need to be careful as this tool skips or scans the particular images or folders according to the speed selected.


SimilarImages faces serious competition from applications such as Easy Duplicate Finder, Picture Relate, Visi Pics, etc. Having said that, SimilarImages aces this competition as it is a critically acclaimed tool. Also, SimilarImages being a freeware, gives this application an upper hand, and thereby giving the users more than sufficient reasons to trust this tool.


This software is well-worth using and unique. Searching by image type and speed adjustments are some of its unique features which hardly exist in other tools.


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