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SFTP Net Drive is a straightforward tool that allows users to create a virtual disk of the remote server on their computers, using the SFTP protocol. SFTP is similar to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol), although it is secure. It is a simple application that can be used to manage the files on the SFTP server easily and efficiently. SFTP Net Drive is a freeware i.e. can be used free without any limitations. However, it is not open sourced, thus cannot be retailed and distributed further.


SFTP Net Drive is a simple utility to make secured connection and file transfer possible between a remote server and user’s computer. This application works on SFTP (Secured File Transfer protocol), which is a secured versions of FTP. SFTP Net Drive is made for windows and runs on any version of windows effectively. The application is pretty light weighted and comes in a package of 6MB. It installs in seconds and makes itself usable by automatically detecting connectivity preferences. The application’s interface is simple and looks more like a wizard. The main screen contains preferences to be set, after which connection is made. When launched for the first time, the same interface will be prompted. Now, users need to fill in the fields such as Userid, Hostname, password, Port Number and authentication key. This authentication key adds an extra security feature. There are two ways in which this can be done. Firstly, this can be done using authentication agents like SSH and PuTTY agents. Secondly, a file and a password combination can be used.

This application also allows it users to make profile based on the different servers they want to setup. Considering many profiles being setup, users can specify the preferences for each of them separately including the authentication key, drive letter and so on. The main feature of this application is its ability to make the remote servers appear as drives among the local drives. This has a benefit that user will not have to repeat the process to making a connection again and again.


SFTP Net Drive is a FTP client, which allows its users to manage the remote servers using the SFTP protocol. It is an application that is made only to work on SFTP protocol. There are many other FTP clients such as File Zilla, Web Drive, AutoFTP manager and so on. All of these applications work on FTP protocols although there are some which also supports SFTP such as FileZilla. SFTP Net Drive when compared to such applications might lag, owing to its single feature of supporting SFTP. While there are similar freeware that do support the other similar protocols too.


SFTP Net Drive is a simple windows utility application that allows users to download, upload and edit their files located on a remote server. All of this using SFTP protocol. However, there are some other better alternatives too. This application is useful for people who require handling their SFTP servers separately from other similar servers.


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