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It is not an easy task to monitor different servers, infrastructure networks, and hard disks of remote on local computers at a time. Moreover, manually checking each and every device consumes valuable time. But, ServerSentinel makes it easy for any user to monitor all those services without even having to leave the computer.


ServerSentinel is an automated sensor-based monitoring software which requires a central installation, i.e. it can be installed on a single computer and can be used to monitor different website servers, database servers, local and remote computers, status of the hard disks, network services, temperature of server rooms, etc. This program supports HTTP, TCP, queries, DNS, SNMP and ping checks. With this application, the downtimes of the websites and networks can be easily monitored and proper measures can be taken to reduce the downtimes.

The hard disk space and the memory usage of the computer can also be monitored continuously. The sensors can be connected to the USB ports in the centralised monitoring computer and configured in the application. Moreover, when a service is down, this application detects the failures immediately and runs the automated scripts or programs to fix a particular problem. Thus, the reliability of the services is increased. In the case of error detection, failure or irregularity, this application notifies the user in the real-time via e-mail, text to speech output, acoustic or optical warning signal.

Different sensors supported by this program are email sensors (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP sensors), hard disk sensors (RAID, SMART, File, Disk Space, Directory sensor), network sensors, operating system sensors (Process, Service, System Load, Windows Event Log, WMI, and Performance Counter Sensor), USB sensors (contact, temperature and humidity sensors), database sensor, script sensor and fan speed sensor. All these sensors can be connected with this program to monitor the functionality of both the software and hardware in the system. Inspection interval, conditions/behaviour of each sensor can be manually scheduled and configured. The sensors can also be configured to depend upon each other. The list of sensors can be exported and imported simultaneously in XML format.

Some exciting features of this program are remote switching on and off of the network servers and creating automated system restore points, etc. The information such as logged failures, irregularities, errors and status records of the devices are stored in a dedicated database which can be used in the feature to analyse the reasons for the failures. This program provides statistical graphs or 3D charts for a perfect overview of the historical data stored.


Some alternatives of ServerSentinel are WebWatchBot and Solar Winds Web Performance Monitor. The latter one has a limited functionality and it can monitor only the uptime, downtime and the user experience of the websites and network services. WebWatchBot has the same features but it is not sensor supported and it cannot monitor the status of the hard disks and temperature of the room.


IT and network administrators will get benefited by ServerSentinel as it consumes low memory and provides unbeatable performance saving the time of the users. Thus, if you are looking for a software to monitor your company’s network or datacentres, this program is a recommended solution.


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