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ServersCheck Monitoring Software is a network management software developed by ServersCheck. The thing that actually the software does is that it can detect, control and provide users with the alerts, availability of multiple networks and different applications. In case the system fails to detect a network or an application, the ServersCheck Monitoring Software provides the facility to be notified by various media, some of which being SMS, e-mails or even a voice call. The software is loaded with almost every module needed to manage a network with all round results.


ServersCheck Monitoring Software is a freeware that aims at maintaining and controlling a connected device on a network, for issues like performance and user availability. The application is entirely independent, and does not need any agents or remote access to systems to control the device. Developed specifically for Windows, it works with almost every Windows version being used today. Going deeper into the protocols used by ServersCheck Monitoring Software includes TCP, SNMP and WMI, just to name a few. The unique and peculiar feature that distinguishes it from other competitors is the environmental sensors. In simpler words, this sensor basically helps the user to monitor the system for outside environmental conditions along with the inside obviously. Any situations such as flooding, power fluctuations or power cut, temperature changes and humidity are some conditions that can be checked accordingly.

Additionally, the software implicitly searches for any of the PCs or networks or the servers that may be available nearby. The process is done by ping check mechanism, which can further be filtered and fit according to one’s use. Since ServersCheck Monitoring Software is browser based, the software can be read or viewed in either of the http or https protocols without glitches. The software comprises of the alerting system, which automatically notifies the user about the network failure with any of the message transfer media like e-mails, SMSs through the Alerting Gateway, and also the voice calls. The software is free to use and has freeware license status.


Although similar applications in the market like Netgong and Netgear Genie are more popular with users, ServersCheck Monitoring Software has gained a steady and loyal fan base with satisfied customers. And ever since it removed the limits on the number of checks and other time limitations version 12 onwards, its popularity has only grown. Every software have their pros and cons, and one must accept the fact that software use is dependent on user friendliness, features, availability and feasibility.


Though not the biggest player in the market right now, ServersCheck Monitoring Software comes with a range of features that are ready to catapult it into the big leagues and then some nifty innovations have only enhanced the application’s reputation and it’s definitely worth a try.


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