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SentryPC is a high utility application for controlling the access to a computer. The application monitors and controls the usage and access of a computer by defining the parameters to manage the computer. The software is useful for monitoring activities of the users such as employees, colleagues and children who can be given restricted access to the computer system.


SentryPC is an efficient application for monitoring, managing and restricting access to a computer system by specifying the access parameters for the users. The program allows administrators of the computer to monitor and specify the activities of the users of the computers. The admin users can specify the time limits for other users to access the computer; restrict access to certain software and applications, block the access to specific websites, specify which internet communication and messenger applications can be accessed or cannot be accessed and either grant or restrict access to the functions and features such as control panel, notifications and other similar features. The application allows specifying specific keywords to be monitored. Hence, if specific keywords are typed in a URL, email, document or any other input box, it allows for interception of such keywords. The software records activities specified by the administrators such as chat programs and messages, keystrokes, keywords and time of usage. In case the users of the computer try to perform any restricted activity, the application pops up a message to them notifying about it.

With reference to the restriction for the time of access, users can be granted access for specifically allowed time for the week and also monitor the access usage. The application can monitor all the activities of the users or the activities attempted by them. It can send an email to the system administrator at period intervals about the activities of the users and even can be configured to include a screenshot of the activities, which can work as evidence for specific purposes. The application is useful for monitoring activities of employees and children whose activities are to be monitored on a regular basis. SentryPC supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


PC Tattletale is an application similar to SentryPC. The program records all the user activities and is undetectable. Activities such as chats, emails, instant messenger activities, and visited websites can be monitored using this application. Administrators can also monitor usage of social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest using this application. The software is an efficient tool for monitoring activities and can function effectively for controlling the activities of children.


SentryPC is a highly efficient and useful application for managing and controlling activities of the users of a computer. It enables system administrators to specify and configure the settings, which define the usage patterns of the users of a computer. The program can efficiently manage the applications which can or cannot be used by specific users and can also specify the time for which they can use the computer. It is a highly useful tool for professional purposes as well as personal purposes such as parental control and monitoring.



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