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This is a revamped task manager that lets you know the protection threat points for any functional system, making you to shut-down, check for bugs and other similar purpose. The enhanced tool lets you available with a great set of interactive specs those are really easy to be dealt by anyone, no matter you are acquainted with it previously or not.


Straight installation and User-friendly nature:

This is a great application to get friendly with your system. It gets installed smoothly and doesn’t even bring any sort of problems. Anyway, mark the points given below regarding installation and starting with the application.

  • At beginning, a line-up is made available with the entire functional parts in addition with the ranks, processor and space consumed, the path covered, system type, details about it and many others.
  • Picking a point from the stack makes it apparent about the other ranking characteristics for the system in consideration.
  • You can easily detect an application destination in Windows Explorer, search for it through the search engine, scan it for frequent bugs, leave your views, and take the help of any search option to point any particular program.
  • The entire process can be ended, or if you wish can be straight uninstalled.
  • You can take the complete information to HTML or text format for better study, or get the printed version as well.

Multitasking and least resource consuming

The application offers you with the multi dimensional usage, and it is capable of replying you at a faster rate. The best part is tht despite dealing straight over your system the application puts minimal impact on processor or RAM. It consumes only 2.3 MB of your system resource.

This is really a sleek application that hardly brings you with the issues like getting hanged, terminated in between, showing error, or something like that.

Get the revamped and portable version:

You can have the portable edition of the application as well. The best part about it is that you don’t have to definitely install it over your system. In turn, this is not going to put fresh additions into list, or files over the removable discs, as it is frequently habituated.

You can smoothly take the concerned files over any removable device; hence the tool remains with you always.


There are many other similar applications available over the web like Process Explorer, Windows TASK Manager, htop, etc. Anyway, Security Task Manager is much efficient in comparison and flexible as well.


After coming across with above points it is quite clear that the Security Task Manager is a perfect solution for your system protection. It has been perfectly tested with great features.


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