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Any computer, be it for personal or commercial use, needs software to run properly and do a given set of jobs. However, these software once installed are often ignored by their users if not in use. This is especially true for software, which runs in the background or facilitates use of other software, which the user actually uses. Thus, they lay idle often without updates and security fixes that maybe available. However, no updates guarantee a big security hole as they are often attacked by various attackers and Trojans. To avoid this, Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) is a software that can scan for other software in your computer and apply all the critical patches and updates that are needed.


The download and install part of this application is extremely easy with a set-by-step guide on how to do it. The user interface is a mix of modern typography and icons with a text based utility look. The initial page gives a list of all installed software on the system along with their security status and a simplified list of any associated errors. Clicking on those errors automatically starts the updating process and avoids more complicated updates. Those can be individually installed with more detailed explanation in the advanced tab. Other software such as Adobe Flash player, Microsoft XML or VC++ versions can be updated too. Software are usually tagged safe, end-of-life or unsecured with the most recent threats as coloured bars. The scanning process is slow but once done, the updates happen flawlessly without requiring further intervention from the user.


Secunia PSI is one of the numerous freeware available on Windows to perform auto updation of software along with reminders. This can be manually done but the process is time consuming and tedious. Software Informer performs similar job of keeping user up-to-date about various updates to installed software but does not actually perform the updating and the user has to manually perform it. On Ubuntu, there is Ubuntu Software Centre, which does a similar job, but the software is quite heavy. For Mac, there is AppFresh, which performs a similar job.


Secunia PSI with a minimal interface and smooth hiccup free updating of software provides a good experience for the user. The software is initially a bit slow to perform the scan but once done, the updates take a few minutes to install (downloading time depends on your network bandwidth). The updating process is non -intrusive and it happens in the background and the user can continue to use the computer normally during the operations. This saves a lot of hassle and manual hunting down of software update for any user.


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