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SecretFolder is an encrypting program that enables a user to hide the important and private information by setting up a password for the files and folders in which the data is stored. The application is user friendly and is low on system resource’s consumption. It therefore, does not impact the system’s performance.


SecretFolder helps protect the data by setting up passwords for the relevant folders. The data remains encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. The program has an easy to use and intuitive interface which makes it easy for the user to operate the software without the requirement of referring to any technical support document or manual.

The data which is to be encrypted can be uploaded either through a drag and drop feature of the software or through the in-built browser option. The application incorporates the option that automatically hides the files and folders from the stored location. The password can be easily changed and the hidden files and folders can be easily accessed from the application’s list by providing the correct password.

SecretFolder encrypts and decrypts data by executing the relevant commands in no time. The software requires little memory space and does not hamper the performance of the CPU. It can protect unlimited number of folders concurrently and does not modify the file’s system structure. The application has no restriction on the size of the encrypted data. The hidden folders cannot be accessed even through CMD command. The compatibility with SSL library is improved by the application. The current version of SecretFolder supports 64-bits mode. It can be installed on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3. The file systems supported by SecretFolder are NTFS, FAT 32, exFAT and FAT volumes.


MySecretFolder is an application similar to SecretFolder. It hides a folder by making it invisible and the hidden folder can only be made visible by entering a password. It therefore allows only authorized usage. It supports FAT, FAT 32 and NTFS file systems and can be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


SecretFolder is a simple application which enables easy encryption of important data through password protection. Its interface is intuitive which makes it simple for a user to operate. The password protected data can be hidden from its location and can be accessed only after a valid password has been entered. The data remains protected from unauthorized access.


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