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SearchMyFiles is one of the most powerful tools for searching files on the system. It helps the user find the files based on wildcard. Also, the search is based upon last modified date or created date or the file size. The tool works on the basis of searching the drive directly and does not follow the indexing method. Hence, the results obtained are more accurate, though the process is time consuming.


This tool has a simple search window, which comprises of the search mode drop down first. This drop down helps to detect duplicate files on the system. It has options to select the base folder and excluded folder, which the user can select while searching the specific file. Then, there are two drop downs for file wildcard and subfolder wildcard. The user can specify the type of file for example *. doc and * for the subfolder. This helps to easily locate the type of file specified. The next option is to search based on the contents of the file. The user can enter any text in the file contains field and search. There is also a binary search feature wherein the user can enter values in the hexadecimal format. The search multiple value option helps the user to enter multiple values separated by a comma.

Additionally, the search can also be done on the basis of file size. For this the user can enter any range of file size such as search all files between 500 and 600 bytes. The next type of search is based on file attributes. Here, the user can search the read only files, but which are not hidden. The option ‘yes’ for read only and option ‘no’ for hidden can be selected for this and this would display all the required files. Another options includes searching by file time, where the user can specify a time range or the last number of minutes or seconds. To search the subfolders, the user can check the option on the window and all files under the specified base folder are displayed. Apart from this, the specified folder can also be searched. If the user does not specify the search folder, then all files under the folder are searched.


SearchMyFiles is the best alternative to the windows search tool. Compared to other search tools available in the market such as Locate32 and Docfetcher, this tool works efficiently and provides accurate results since it does not involve an index based search.


SearchMyFiles is one of the best windows search tool due its versatility and ease of search. The tool is portable and can be used from USB drive without leaving any traces in the registry. This tool also has the option to search from the command line.


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