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Scribus is a straight-forward tool made for Windows, Mac and many other Linux based operating systems. Its main purpose is to design, create and export the same to PDF or other portable formats. It has a simple interface that can be used to handle complex (desktop publishing) projects with ease. Using this application, new DTP projects can be created along with modifying existing ones. The application is free and open source too.


Scribus is a utility application that allows users to create, modify, design and export the DTP projects with ease. It is a one stop application that allows designing market ready press releases with ease. There is lot more that this application can do, as depending how creatively it is being used. Scribus comes in a 70MB installable package, which can be installed in seconds onto any version of windows. When starting a new project, users can choose from scratch by defining the layout of the document such as single page, double sided, etc. There is also an option of specifying margins, orientation, first page, total pages, default template and so on. However, there are also some pre-defined templates for brochures, business cards, newsletters, press releases, etc. Using these templates is rather simple as every template will be pre-defined by the system, and users only require putting in the data.

Besides all this, there are some other effective tools available in the applications such as frames, shapes, lines, polygons, etc. Using the arrow tool, multiple objects can simultaneously be selected which further is moved to certain positions in the design. Scribus also allows inserting JavaScript, bar codes, import styles, load patterns and so on. Talking about the interface of the application, it is quite standard types with well arranged tool bars and menus, which looks somewhat similar to Adobe’s applications. It has a multilingual support with around 10 languages added. Additionally, applying specific themes can change the GUI of the application.


Desktop Publishing applications allow its users to easily design pages for making brochures, visiting card and other similar graphical layouts. One such application is Scribus which has a variety of features that are necessary for an application of such a kind. However, there are many other application in the same category of apps, some of them are much better and provides features a way ahead than this application.


Scribus is a comprehensive DTP application that has some great features. However, when compared with the applications of the same community, it is found to be lagging other application in terms of features. However, the application maintains some distinct premium features inspite of being a freeware application. This application can be used if you are searching for a freeware in this category.


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