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Screensaver Factory Pro is an application that lets you create and manage a screensaver in your PC. You need not be a professional to use this simple application. The application is intuitive and creating a screensaver is just a matter of few clicks. Create beautiful screensavers for commercial use or personalize your desktop, all with this user-friendly software.


With Screensaver Factory Pro, you can add a professional screensaver without having to download one. The user interface is simple yet attractive. All the components you need to create a screensaver is clubbed into one single screen to make it further easy.

You can add a variety of images to create your screensaver along with flash animations and videos. All this comes under a single content list. Want to increase the brightness of the image? Just click on the properties and change it. You can customize the properties of all the individual image files separately. Select from a wide variety of transition effects. Use these effects to give an innovative look to your screensaver. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Apart from these basic effects, there are many amazing advanced effects to design your screensaver. Add a soft touch to your screensaver with the fade effect. The constant movement is another cool effect. You can even add frames to your favourite photos and add them while setting up your screensaver. Format your background and add a variety of textures and gradients. Blend the background with the foreground patterns or pictures using the photo mask. You can even add a clock and a calendar for your convenience.


It’s the variety that makes Screensaver Factory Pro a unique software in its genre. The stunning visuals and amazing animations will make you drool. Other applications have a very limited option compared to Screensaver Factory Pro. You can choose from a number of images and video formats. There is no such compatibility issue in Screensaver Factory Pro. It is available for all versions of Windows. Lastly choose your preferred language, which you may not find in other similar applications.


Are you fascinated by creative designs and beautiful visuals? If the answer is yes then Screensaver Factory Pro can help you create such superb designs in few simple steps. Screensaver Factory Pro is an invaluable addition to your collection. Bring out your own innovation and creativity to design your screensaver with Screensaver factory pro.


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