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ScreenBlur is a simple application that efficiently protects the screen of the desktop when not in use by masking it with a screen. The screen can be configured to completely blackout the background or overlay it with a translucent screen. The screen prevents the desktop applications, icons, settings, wallpapers and other programs from unauthorised access while allowing the users to monitor the applications even when the screen is locked.


ScreenBlur is an efficient application that enables users to lock their computer screens when not in use. The screen is locked by an overlaying screen that masks the activities and the contents on the screen. The application allows users to set the transparency level. The screen can be set for a blackout option for the desktop that completely covers any activity on the screen. This prevents anyone from peeing into the computer in the absence of the user of that particular computer.

Similarly, users can also have a translucent screen covering their desktop screen. They can define the level of the transparency so that their desktop cannot be accessed by anyone while the screen activity can still be viewed. This is useful when users from a distance or periodically want to monitor the activities on their screen while it is being unattended. For example, they can view the progress of the files that are being downloaded on their screen or any other autonomous activity.

The applications, wallpapers, icons and other activities can be blocked from unauthorised access. Even viewing these applications can be blocked by the users. Users can configure the time after which the screen gets locked automatically. The screen can be protected by setting up a password that allows access to the screen only when entered correctly. The application can also minimize all the open windows automatically when the screen gets locked. The application supports a hotkey function that can lock and unlock the screen.

The application can display images for the locked screen and users can also define the images that can be used for the lock screen display. These images need to be in JPG, BMP and PNG formats. The application can also be configured to mute the sounds of the computer when the screen gets locked. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Lock My PC is an application similar to ScreenBlur. The application locks the computer screen when it is left unattended and disables mouse, hot keys and other keyboard activities. The screen can be locked by a hotkey or from the system tray icon and the unlocking requires entering the password.


ScreenBlur is a high utility application that allows users to protect their computers when left unattended. The application allows locking of the computer with a screen that can be configured to either completely hide the background by displaying a completely blacked out screen or can be made transparent. Users can also define the time after which the screen gets automatically locked.


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