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ScanRnServer is an application that allows scanning of documents through a scanner connected to a computer on the network. This allows users from other computers to remotely access the scanners.


ScanRnServer is a client/server application that enables users to scan documents from a scanner attached to a computer on the network without the requirement of accessing the computer that is connected to the scanner. The ScanRnServer tool can be used to scan documents over the network. This allows users to have the remote access to the scanner through this application. It enables them to have a direct access to the scanner without the need for asking their colleagues or requesting other individuals for the purpose of scanning their documents.

Similarly, users who are working on computers on which the scanner is installed are not required to handover the access of the computer to the individuals who want to perform scanning activities. This helps in saving time as well as preserving the integrity and the secrecy of the data on the computer by avoiding the requirement of granting an access. It also preserves the integrity of the information on the document that is being scanned.

The application needs to be installed on the computer that is connected to the scanner and ScanRn client software is to be installed on the computers on the network. The program supports a web based interface on the server computer that enables remote access to the application from web browsers from other computers on the network. The application is simple to install and easy to use. The software supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


RemoteScan is a program similar to ScanRnServer. It allows installation and sharing of any TWAIN or WIA- compliant scanner on the network. The application allows installation of multiple numbers of scanners on the network. The remote access to the scanners ensures security of the information. It uses RDP, ICA and PCoIP protocols and allows changing scanner settings in order to control the access to the scanner.


ScanRnServer is a useful tool for remotely accessing scanners on a network. Users are not required to access the computer on which the scanner is installed. This prevents unauthorized access to the data on the computer with the scanner. Similarly, the users don’t have to depend on the users of the computers with the scanner for scanning their documents. This allows them the flexibility to scan their own documents and saves time. It also ensures that the data on the documents to be scanned is not shared with other individuals.


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