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SafeIP delivers user a fresh anonymous proxy server that hides your online activities like sending email‚ online shopping‚ chatting and other things you do online in a very secure environment. Facebook, Twitter and many others sites are blocked in many countries. SafeIP is used to gain access to the blocked sites and bypass the security filters and firewall. The most popular feature of SafeIP is that it uses anti blocking measures to prevent the software itself from being blocked by any Internet Service Provider.

SafeIP prevents the website from tracking your identity using anti tracking algorithms and plugin. SafeIP easily selects the best match from various IP (Internet Protocol) locations across the globe. It is compatible with almost all browsers, online games that require internet support and various other internet based applications. Block all cookies before they can be saved to your PC. Speed up your web browsing by blocking unwanted websites. SafeIP is also available in other languages and translation is made available to the user in 26 plus languages.


There are so many features associated with SafeIP like anonymous proxy IPs that hides the actual online identity of user and unblock the websites for usage. SafeIP protects the user identity by hiding IP from website, shopping sites, email, gaming sites, etc. SafeIP comes with strong security along with secure socket layer proxy encryption. SafeIP also provides WiFi protection to the user. Over and above this SafeIP encrypts and compress the web traffic with no speed and bandwidth limitations. SafeIP provide handpicked features like speed booster with VPN (Virtual Private Network) and it is also possible to integrate torrent files along with it.


Comparing SafeIP with similar software Surf Anonymous Free, which is also available in market with almost similar features like SafeIP, it helps in changing the actual IP address and it helps to maintain a confidential internet surfing environment that enables user to hide their identity while browsing the web.


SafeIP is a must download software for confidential purpose web surfing and it is absolutely free to download for Windows operating system. There are no advertisements associated with this software and also there is no expiry date of the software.


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