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Safe PST Backup (Free Edition) is a useful application for backing up the PST files from Outlook. The application allows users to take backups of all the PST files which include messages, schedules, calendar entries, contacts and other details from Outlook. Once the initial backup activity is completed, the application does incremental backup.


Safe PST Backup (Free Edition) is a highly efficient application for creating backup copies of Outlook PST files. The program enables users to ensure backing up of all the Outlook data which includes email messages, contact details, scheduled activities, calendar events and other important and relevant information.

The application, once it completes an initial backup activity, creates incremental backup copies of the PST files. This ensures that the backup copies are updated and in the instance the original data from Outlook is inaccessible, the updated backups are easily available. Users can take backup copies of the PST files either manually or can schedule the backup tasks. They can determine the specific time or dates for the backup process. The application has a very simple and easy to use interface and even new users can very easily operate the application. It does not require any specific technical expertise. The interface is intuitive and has few buttons and a single box for easy operations. The Help manual is quite extensive. The program requires low system resources and can run in the background even when Outlook is running in the system.

Safe PST Backup (Free Edition) allows users to specify the location where the backup copies of PST files are to be saved. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Backup4all is an application similar to Safe PST Backup (Free Edition). The application is useful in taking backups of PST and OST files from Outlook. The application creates backup copies and save them at a location specified by users. The program saves data such as email messages, contact details, personal address book, signatures, rules, customised menu options and toolbars, dictionary, send and receive settings and other important settings.


Safe PST Backup (Free Edition) is a high utility application, which allows creating backup copies of Outlook PST files from the computer to a location specified by the users. This helps in taking backups of emails, contact lists and other important details from Outlook. The backup activity can be done manually or users can schedule the activity by specifying the date and time. The simple interface of the application makes it easy to operate it in an efficient manner.


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