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Safe Calculator is a calculator having secret encrypted storage option. If there is something very important for you and you would love to keep the specific file over your PC or external drive, then Safe Calculator is the perfect option for you.


The tool is quite simple in nature. Its appearance resembles with windows calculator in general. However, go through the steps to get started with it

  • It gets activated into a safe pattern upon providing a PIN number.
  • There is a conventional option of setting it as well if you want to make it generalised.
  • Once you enter the PIN, the tool starts encryption and consumes the entire details you have provided.
  • Upon activating the safe mode, the user can pick the file they want for keeping secret, and Safe Calculator is going to consume the file, making it encrypted and password safe until you opt for restoring it.
  • It performs like the conventional calculator in general.


  • Portable, Extensive Security and Simple:

As the Safe Calculator appears similar to a common calculator, it’s not a matter of everyone to make it protected or playing with it straight. Also, it has made a nice help file available, through which it gets quite simple in nature. The option can be kept and accessed through any external drive. Hence, you can consider it in the form of a portable product as well. When it comes about keeping things secret, nothing can be a better option than the Safe Calculator.

  • Mark the point:

It is here to mention that the application can kept under wrap a single file at a time. Hence, you can’t put a folder at a stretch. However, if safety is your concern (and secret files usually don’t comprise too long), then this is the best available option. Additionally, you can select the most important stuff to be kept under it if selecting one file at a time is hectic for you.

The tool is too efficient and quite cautious option as well enabling the user in shifting the Ids, passwords without being worried about any sort of fear of chances of unauthorized practice of information.

  • Safe and least consuming:

A tool’s popularity depends hugely on its user friendliness and system friendly nature. As the former has been described earlier, the later is quite evident as well when we say the application just consumes only 122 KB of your system resource. It never interferes with any other system document and has been tested in terms of viruses, bugs, or malware.


There might be many examples of protection softwares available, but nothing really matches the kind of versatility Safe Calculator offers. It consumes the least system resource as well.


Safe Calculator is one of the simplest applications that can ensure a user with top level security. The application has minimal risk factors.


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