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As we all know, MS-DOS being the basic framework for the windows OS, knowing the DOS functionality helps a user to better understand and also helps to use Windows swiftly. With Run dialog, Windows can be used with command prompt. The functioning of the Run-Command is similar like single line command interface, which helps users to open any file using command line interface.


Run command enables the user to open any file or folder if the path is known and with knowing the proper command, it is very easy to access a file with Run command. Run-command software is an excellent utility tool and is an alternative to Microsoft’s Run command prompt. An application can also be run with this simple and portable Run-Command software.

Run-Command is an essential but light tool for Windows, which was built as a substitute of Windows Run dialog. The software sports a very simplistic and informative user interface, which provides useful and popular links like RegEdit, Control pane, Task Manager, etc. Portability of this tool enables the user to access it without any installation and activity can be run directly from removable media also. Where maintaining the integrity and safety of system files and registry files are top priority, Run-Command is a useful tool as this portable software runs on the Windows without affecting any registry file cabin.

This program runs as an administrator, which is surely an added advantage. The intuitive software interface lets the user to access all the option this software provides. One of the major features of this tool is the command-line option, which enables a user to access any file, folder or application of known location with command line just like the Windows Run dialog. Users, who access ‘cmd.exe’ to use an application, they can rightly do so directly with this tool. Other features are compatibility with latest windows OS, light-weight program, etc. Features like random windows shortcut and multilingual support make this software a popular one in this category. As the software supports different windows variable, it is easier to access any file with known path.


Run-Command utility tool is an alternative tool for Windows Run-dialog. A feature of this tool, which the original command prompt of Windows Run does not offer, is the grouping of favourite commands within the software. There are not many software available as a substitute of the main Windows dialog in the market. Run-Command provides an excellent chance to bypass windows software functionality.


Portability of Run-Command enables it to be run from flash drives. It is very light-weight tool and as it operates and can be minimized in the system tray menu, it does not affect the user’s daily work. However, to use windows tools like ‘Services’, another command needs to be installed, which is ‘services.msc’. Features like grouping widely used command lines and accessing them to open programs with ease are what makes this application a must have.


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