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RSS aggregator is a handy program that enables users to track their most favorite feeds, build own feed and upload them on their website through some lucid processes. This RSS not solely keeps you updated along with your favorite feeds, however it also can assist you do alternative things like obtaining weather data from respectable sources and getting keyword alerts. This makes it easier for users to deal with password logins, proxy supports, per-channel settings, etc.

This software is essentially composed of various functionalities, which are extraordinarily useful once you wish to publish news articles or any content. Its advanced options make it less complicated for you accomplish a specific feed submission.


  • The aggregator contains no spyware or adware. There are not any shrouded activities. You get the complete version without charge and with none hindrance or restriction.
  • Alert boxes show up on top of different windows and don’t take the center (you can keep writing an Email, for instance, without disturbance).
  • Every alert shows you a quick description of all new and altered things during a given channel.
  • Alert box size mechanically adjusts to the length and variety of recent and altered things.
  • Users can tag alarm box colors, content size, murkiness and screen position.
  • Users get an easy facility to spot things that are especially vital. These are shown as newsflashes that have one by one outlined colors, text sizes and opacity.
  • Special purpose alerts – with one by one outlined colors, text sizes and opacity – to allow you to understand new enclosures (Podcasts).
  • An alternative to enable you to ‘snooze’ the aggregator for such time period; you will not get any alerts whereas the aggregator is snoozing.
  • If completely different individuals use one computer, they’ll get their own personalized settings automatically and their individual feeds will be preserved.


The utilities which come with this software have not been updated for a long time (since july’13) and sometimes it pop ups several errors in Windows 8 and updated Win operating systems where river-gate aggregator or News Gator have almost all utilities updated and function well without any system disputes. Another minus point of RSS aggregator is that the interface is not exceptionally good.


Simple to use and easy to navigate interface with minimal CPU and RAM usage during operation make this software a complete all round and versatile of its class and it would be a great feeds fetcher to use.



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