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Remote Connection management can be tedious with many protocols for the task between computers and especially between Windows and other operating systems. Royal TS is a product that aims to simplify this by various connection templates.


Royal TS features a modern interface with Office style Ribbon UI, various tabs to re-order controls horizontally or vertically. Additional UI panels can be added as a dock which can be rearranged, stacked and tabbed. Multiple connections are managed in their own window and multiple monitors are supported as well. Further, tabs can be grouped and split into custom groups for better management. It also offers Team sharing features, which include file synchronization using network shares and cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive. This feature is also enhanced due to cross-platform availability and hence files can be synced with other OS. Connections can be assigned custom credentials and is encrypted (Encryption uses AES/Rjindael) using a private password. Documents and other files can be edited over network with bulk-edit dialogs. Items can be searched and filtered according to various categories. Common object properties and attributes can be modified as well over the connection. Features can be further augmented with various connection plugins such as Remote Desktop plugin for Microsoft’s RDP ActiveX, VNC plugin (based on TightVNC and UltraVNC), Terminal (Rebex and PuTTY based) and external applications as well. There is also a performance view and web page for Internet Explorer.

Connections are managed using unique template based approach with remote iLO web connection based on remote desktop for sharing. KeePass credentials are also supported and can be transferred with just “drag and drop” operation. Royal Password extension for browser can by default save passwords for online logins and auto-filling of online forms. Task automation support includes the ability to execute batch scripts and commands/key sequences on multiple connections. Further support includes RDP import, CSV file support, notes, extensive logging and Group policy objects (with ADMX file). The software is available on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Server editions from 2008 and above.


Microsoft has its own Remote Desktop Connection to provide similar remote desktop management but is very rudimentary in nature and lacks in features as compared to Royal TS. TeamViewer by far is a more popular client which is also available cross-platform just like Royal TS but cannot compete with the sheer number of features that it provides. Some other clients include, Remote Desktop Manager and Terminals – however they are not as versatile.


Royal TS is a feature packed offering that is a great tool for IT and system admins. The software is extensible with various protocols support and UI is very mature with multi-window connection management. Data synchronization is excellent and is encrypted with KeePass support – a plus, which is usually not common in this segment.


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