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In the contemporary life it is really very crucial that you get as strict as it is possible regarding the password settings as it can be in no way afford in any anonymous hand. Hence, the security process has gone these days tighter with various options like fingerprints. On this context, the most recent and advanced way can be through any specific USB drive. And to be specific, it can be better handled through Rohos Logon Key.


The things which make it perfectly distinguishing in its functionality are:

  • Upon introducing the tool over your system one needs to link the USB device as well to utilize at any instance you wish to get functional with your system.
  • In fact one can save the specific USB drive through a specific PIN to make sure it doesn’t get into the hands of illegal personality.
  • In addition, the default Windows Password can be altered through Rohos Logon Key that turns out to be crucial when you get to know that some wicked people have got the clue for it.
  • If you wish that no one other can deal with your system without your grant, you can go for a particular product for getting logged into the system.
  • You can go with the external devices like USB flash drives, cards, Phones, connectivity options like Bluetooth, etc.

High-end protection

As your system gets back-up from a huge range of assisting devices, it becomes pretty difficult for any impostor to even predict which one is right one for getting into the system. In addition, Rohos Logon Key saves your system no matter it is in active, or sleep mode. Hence, there remains no scope for outsiders to deal with your information.

Over all, the tool can help a user in saving the documents of your system against illegal users by making the very efficient alternative available in place of the basic options with the help of USB drives. Apart from this, the tool has the option for you to go for the license and enjoy the advantages of it for longer periods.

The latest addition and least consuming in nature:

There are certain features those make it even more faithful. The revamped option lets you with the option of getting logged exclusively through USB Key option. You are having the latest options like “Check Key Serial” that can efficiently deal with the complete line-up of keys intended for login.

Rohos Logon Key is thoroughly customized as well. You get the installation notice, main menu information, settings, and others for better dealing with it. The best part of the process is that despite being feature rich it consumes a very minimal resource of just 3.5 MB.


There are various other options with similar functionality available in the market like VSUsbLogon, Predator, Proximity, etc. However, no one matches the standard of Rohos Logon Key in terms of your data protection.


Rohos Logo Key is one of the finest and most contemporary ways of fixing all your worries regarding system protection.


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