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RockXP is a small utility application for retrieving the Windows XP product key, which was used while installing Windows XP and also the keys of other Microsoft products. The application is highly efficient for retrieving the product keys in the instances where the users have lost the cover of their product CDs which have the serial key sticker. The application also recovers passwords of MSN and Internet login parameters.


RockXP is a useful application for retrieving the keys for Windows XP and other Microsoft products. The activation key which is used while installing the XP operating system or other Microsoft products like Microsoft Office is on the cover of the product CDs. In case the cover gets misplaced, users may find it difficult to reinstall the application in the absence of the activation keys. RockXP is useful in such instances and helps the users to retrieve the original product keys, which were used at the time of the installation.

The application also allows users to save the product activations to a separate file and to recover the usernames and passwords which are stored in the Windows Secure Storage. In addition, the program enables users to change their XP keys and save their XP activation.

In addition to the XP product keys, the application also supports retrieval of the usernames and passwords of Internet connection logins and parameters. RockXP is useful in retrieving passwords for MSN accounts and XP logins and HASH passwords. It allows users to generate random passwords and display system LSA passwords. Since the application retrieves the passwords for Microsoft products and XP, certain antivirus applications might detect it as a virus and might ask users to uninstall the application. However, the application is secure as it is intended to retrieve the passwords in cases these are lost. The program supports Windows XP and later versions.


Product Key Finder is an application similar to RockXP. It enables users to extract and retrieve the license keys installed on their computers by accessing the systems registry. The application also allows network administrators to view and manage keys of the computers in the network. The application is simple to install and easy to use and can easily be managed even by new users. It is highly effective in retrieving and viewing the keys of applications installed on a system.


RockXP is an efficient application for retrieving the Microsoft Product keys and installation keys of Windows XP. The program allows users to retrieve the original keys used during installation and can help users to reinstall their applications. The program also allows retrieval of keys of MSN accounts and Internet login parameters.


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