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RoboForm2Go is a utility tool, which is a portable version and basically an updated version of Roboform. In this time of advanced technology, when in every minute, a new social networking site is created with exciting features, memorizing and arranging all those log in informations is a troublesome job. With RoboForm2Go, the user can write down all the essential passwords and also can store important forms, URLs within the software’s vault. RoboForm2Go can be run directly from a USB drive and securely stores all the password information. This app memorizes the log in information, which is user name and password, when the user is registering an account on a site for the first time.


RoboForm2Go sports an incredibly simple user interface with large sized icons, descriptive texts under the icons. Properly written help files and tutorials are added benefits for the beginners. This software is very lightweight, which makes it much handier. One of the major benefits of this version is the ability to use this software across all devices. The user can store the passwords and the details on the online portal of RoboForm2Go. It allows the user to access the information vault from any device. This software provides a wide range of other options such as SafeNotes, Contacts, Fingerprints, Secure Password Generator, Smart Cards, and many other useful tools. The password generator policies can be customized with user’s personal choice, while fingerprint sensor enables the user to unlock the vault with fingerprint on a touch sensitive device. This software runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and is small in size.

When returning to the site later, this software automatically supplies the log in details for the automatic log-in. This software also stores personal details to fill up form automatically to save the user’s time.


RoboForm2Go is a strong contender in this category of software and an excellent tool for ultimate password security. Other software available for the same purpose are Deskman, KpassC, etc. Though this software is an automatic choice among users, other software beats this one when the price is concerned. RoboForm2Go is expensive, while other efficient software comes as a freeware or with a little cost. But when the features are concerned, no other software with similar function offers this much options. Also, it is easier to create a strong password with this software as during the process it advises the user with the possible combinations.


Being a portable software, RoboForm2Go is an efficient application which can be run directly from the USB device. The software stores the login information in an undeniable safe and secure vault. Encryption of login informations ensure no abuse of personal informations. RoboForm2Go is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals.


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