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LCDs have their own problems associated with them. Since the display is basically a huge array of pixels, these pixels often have troubles i.e. either they get burnt (burn-in) or get stuck on a single color. Physical repairing is costly, time consuming and tedious in nature requiring large amount of advanced tools to perform diagnostics. However, stuck pixel problem can often be resolved via software itself. Rindersoft Pixel Repair is a software that can repair dead pixels or pixels which get stuck at one color.


The Rizonesoft Pixel Repair is a simple utility software that can repair pixel which are stuck at one color after prolonged usage. It does so by simply flashing various colors until the pixel is unstuck and hence relies on user input to work properly. Also, the software with its various monochromaticity modes can help users to locate dust on the screen and help remove it. This software comes up with manifold sequences of color to select from. The users will also be able to fix their screens with solid and effectual color with the help of its dead pixel locator feature. This tool helps to locate the pixel issues in an easier and effective way. However, the working of the software is not perfect and can be hit-or-miss. It does not help to resolve the dead pixel issues completely but it functions when it gets jammed on an exacting color. The interface is standard windows design with panels for color adjustment, color of dead pixel, flash speed and full screen mode support. The software is freely available and open source in nature and is available for Windows XP/Vista/7 and for all latest versions of windows.


On windows, there are a few available alternatives that perform identical jobs. One of them is Dead Pixel Locator that can help isolate pixels stuck at any one color and hence helps you to diagnose your LCD for possible replacement. However, it does not attempt to fix anything. Similar software would be InjuredPixels that lets one locate such dead pixels that do not glow at all but does not again attempt at setting things right and merely points out the pixel. Another similar freeware is Auditor of dead pixel for windows with identical functionalities.


Rizonesoft Pixel Repair is extremely handy and small utility software for locating pixels stuck at one color and provides remedies for removing them. The method is clearly statistical and does not reply on precision metric but it is unique in its offerings. Whereas the alternatives merely point out the flaw, Pixel Repair instead tries to repair the pixels too.


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