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Resource Hacker is a freeware application that gives the simplest way to tweak through EXE or DLL files as a way to see, change or modify, and extract the resources of the file. It has a compiler and de-compiler script that works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and Windows XP. With Resource Hacker a user can easily manipulate with the windows binaries.


Resource Hacker has an easy to use and clear interface. This app can give a professional customization look and feel for your project. However it’s not really the type of application that anyone can use such as newbies, but it lets you do as much as possible and less complicated. The application is mostly compatible with executable files such as windows files like DLL and EXE as well as OCX, CPL and RES resource files.

The application can change anything in files such as icons, flash, images, description and many other resources in windows executable files. It is also compatible with windows 7 x64 versions. The user must have some knowledge of resource files, so this application is only for advanced users.

It is easy to install, and the user need to simply extract the files and run the application. Thus there won’t be any entry in Windows Registry. The user can replace all the icons with new ones, change the cursors and bitmap images, change the fonts and add new resources in, within seconds. By clicking right mouse button on a file opens a dialog options menu. Using the menu the user has the power to create, rename, save, replace or remove any resources. Users can enable the program to support multiple languages.


It has a classy look which resembles the older version of Windows. As compared to its counterparts, this app has all the features what a user needs when modifying an EXE or a DLL file. This software doesn’t come with much of instructions like others out there such as XN Resource Editor, and its not meant for the people with weak programming knowledge.


The interface, the usability and quick compilation of this application makes the complex tasks easier. As far as the computer resources is concerned, your machine won’t even notice that the application is running actually, even when modifying the exe files. So older computers will definitely run it without any kind of difficulty. It is advised not to use this application if the users don’t know what they are doing, otherwise they will end up killing their windows and its programs if used incorrectly.


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